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*The fast track plan's budget has been revised. Please refer to the document for the updated version.

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If you are an American citizen Newtown now offers you the possibility of tax-deductible donations through the ILV (Institute for Liberal Values) which we are now part of. The ILV is a consortium of heterodox organizations that promote classical liberal values; freedom of expression, liberty, justice, progress, and viewpoint diversity. The ILV will soon receive the 501(c)(3) title (Dec. 2021) but is fiscally sponsored in the meantime.


To learn more about our collective mission and our member click the buttons below. To donate and support us through the ILV click on the donate button and specify that your donation is for Newtown by adding a comment in the donation module.

Your support will be used in the fast track plan outlined in the presentation deck

You can also donate through Paypal and blockchain using these addresses





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Newtown needs a vast amount of expertise to properly get off the ground. Below is a list of them ranked by most pressing to long-term. For the short term, pro bono is the frame of mind as salaries will depend on the generosity of the public and investments. Whether or not you see yourself in the list below, if you want to get involved then fill out the form and get in touch.


  • Graphic designers: to improve the website presentation, create document templates

  • Web programmers: to help with the website, SEO and more

  • Content manager

  • Writers: for editing or proofreading


  • Web, mobile, architecture and mainframe experts to help Newtown become 100% technology-independent

  • Film industry professionals to join our juror pool and help establish the creative and technical requirements as well as creating the tests for audience members who wish to become jurors

  • Lawyers with copyright or consumer advocacy experience throughout the Commonwealth and United States


  • Non-woke leaders in other cultural branches so that we can create the manifestos and roll them out. We need people with deep knowledge of their own industry, from production costs to distribution to local regulations

  • Same but for other languages

Contact Newtown

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  • Is there an extra cost to purchase Newtown culture?
    No. Newtown is basically a consumer advocacy group, we certify cultural pieces based on the intent, the artistic merit and funding sources. This is not a club or membership of any kind. Furthermore, the cost for the certification is nominal and cannot have any impact on the retail price.
  • Is Newtown only for culture in English?
    No, but for the time being we will concentrate on Anglophone culture first. Other languages will follow.
  • I am a free-thinking creator with a hit on my hands, can I make a sequel and apply for a certification?"
    Bravo for your success! You are certainly welcome to make your sequel but it will not be eligible for an accreditation. Newtown is about a new cultural paradigm, if we do the same as the mainstream then what’s the point? Newtown breaks the mold and offers fresh and exciting culture. We also promote circular canons rather than linear ones. More on that soon.
  • I’m a cultural producer and made art prior to 2020 that is 100% non-woke, can I apply for a certification?"
    No, the production year must be 2020 onwards.
  • I'm woke but I love art, can I enjoy Newtown culture?"
    Absolutely! Newtown will offer culture made to entertain, enlighten, challenge, and let you escape your troubles for a while. Pause your woke and press play on our culture.


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