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Selected work

An exercise in style, a hybrid between a short film, a music video and a commercial that tells the story of a woman who can't decide which side of her personality she likes best.

Music video for Charles Dube's single "Distrait mais bien"

  • Aired on Musimax

  • Spent two weeks at #1 on Musimax's website

  • Director/Editor: Philippe Gosselin

  • DOP: Benjamin Cabral

  • Color Grading: Charles Étienne Pascal

My first short film. A silent blind date told through body language. 

Music video for Guillaume D'Aou's "Humanoide" single

  • Director/Editor: Philippe Gosselin

  • DOP/Producer: Guy Bissonnette

Making-of for the movie Discopath directed by Renaud Gauthier

  • Included on the DVD/BD-Ray

  • Director/Editor: Philippe Gosselin

  • Sound Editing: Ivann Uruena